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Chettinad PPC Grade Cement

Chettinad PPC Grade Cement: is brought to you RG Cement the leading cement dealers in Karnataka, through this unique online one stop Cement Shop for all your cement requirements. Get easy cement delivery in Bangalore and great prices through us. As wholesale dealers and stockists for Chettinad Cements, we have successfully served our customers in and around Bangalore for more than 25 years. We now bring this unique shopping experience to you through which you can get your trusted cement brands delivered right to your doorstep in Bangalore just at the click of a button and at affordable costs.

Chettinad super grade cement:

Chettinad PPC Cement a blended hydraulic cement is produced by inter-grinding Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) supplementary materials such as fly ash. The use of PPC blended cement in ready-mix concrete reduces mixing water and bleeding. This blend makes it easy to work with and provides a superior finish. The PPC cement prevents sulphate attack and the alkali-aggregate reaction and reduces the heat of hydration. This is one of the reasons why this particular cement blend is used for RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) construction work. It is also one of the preferred types of cement over OPC for the construction of commercial, residential, bungalows and building complexes, laying of foundation and other construction applications.

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) makes concrete impermeable and denser when compared to OPC. The strength of PPC cement increases over a duration of time making structures stronger and long lasting. PPC can be used for all types of construction.

Slag from steel making and fly ash from the power industry are two commonly added materials in blended cement which make this cement eco-friendly and contributes to sustainable development.

Manufactured by Chettinad Cements of the leading cement brands in South India. Chettinad Cements have built a reputation for serving the construction industry for over four decades with high-performance products that encourage creativity and ensure longevity.

Benefits of Chettinad PPC Cement:

  • Low heat of hydration
  • Resistance to Chemical, sulphate attack and chloride attack
  • Resistance to alkali silica reaction
  • Reduction in water demand and reduced bleeding due to fineness of cement



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