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Dalmia Ultra Cement Price

Dalmia Ultra Cement price: brought to you RG Cement the leading cement dealers in Karnataka, through this unique online one stop Cement Shop for all your cement requirements. Get easy cement delivery in Bangalore and great prices through us. As wholesale dealers and stockists for Dalmia Cements, we have successfully served our customers in and around Bangalore for more than 25 years. We now bring this unique shopping experience to you through which you can get your trusted cement brands delivered right to your doorstep in Bangalore just at the click of a button and at affordable costs.

Wholesale Dalmia Ultra Cement Dealers

Dalmia Ultra Cement is the latest innovative product from Dalmia cements one of the leading manufacturers of cement in East, North East and South India. Dalmia cement contains HALC (Higher Alite Lower Celite), a result of the constant innovation in providing superior products by Dalmia Research Centre. HALC’s unique characteristics are a very low heat of hydration, lower water-cement ratio and higher one-day strength with combine together to help produce superior quality concrete for exacting applications.

Pioneers in Cement Manufacturing for over seven decades Dalmia Cements have strengthened their hold in the cement industry with their eco-friendly initiative, quality products and their ability to innovative give to their customer’s super speciality products.


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