Difference between OPC and PPC
1 PPC Makes concrete more durable, than concrete made by any OPC 43, 53 Grade Cement. In any OPC, the water cement ratio is higher, no secondary reactions, and lesser finer than PPC. That’s the reason PPC will be more durable than concrete prepared by OPC
2 More resistance towards the attack of alkalies, sulphates, chlorides, chemicals because of denser concrete. OPC is not suitable or not capable to resist the chemcicals attack on the concrete. Generally in costal areas, OPC is avoided because of salinity in the Earth, Atmosphere & water.
3 PPC gives Better workability because of ball bearing effect of Puzzolonic material. The ball bearing effect is not possible in OPC
4 Because of Puzzolona there is secondary reaction which is reacting with Hydrated lime and consumes it without allowing to come out of concrete. (called Leaching woozes out from Concrete as a waste) Since there is not secondary reaction the Hydrated Lime will come out of concrete creating small pores / Cracks which we cannot see through our naked eyes.
5 Less Heat of Hydration (Good of concrete) More Heat of Hydration (Bad for Concrete)
6 Cracks are reduced due to less heat of Hydration Cracks are increased due to More Heat of Hydration.
7 Due to higher fineness the PPC gives us more cohesiveness and in turn gives more dense concrete. The finishing is moderate when compare to finishing made by PPC
8 PPC needs less water cement ratio, due to which the concerete will become lesser permiable and in-turn makes concerete structure more durable Not as durable as PPC because Concrete made by OPC is not as denser as Concrete made by PPC. More Denser concrete make better durable concrete.
9 The Volume of cement is high because of more fineness in PPC cement comperatively OPC Less fineness less volume.